Weight Loss Help For Those Surprised By Increased Size

Weight Loss Help For Those Surprised By Increased Size

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Most people tend to think of themselves as being more active during the summer months. So why do millions of Americans find it surprising to learn they aren’t losing weight this time of year? The answer might surprise you, especially if you have been working hard to regain the physique you want but not seeing results.

Evaluate daily choices to lose weight

If you are one of these people who think you’re more active yet surprised by increasing size, perhaps it’s time to evaluate some of the daily choices contributing to weight gain. Many of these seem simple and are identified in this great article from AARP.org entitled¬†7 Surprising Reasons People Pack on the Pounds.

For example, by now we all know poor planning at the buffet, an increase in the availability of fattening foods, increasing amounts of additives, and unlimited soda pop will definitely spell bad news for our bodies. These are things your friends, family, and doctors have probably been telling you to avoid for years. Whether you have the will power or not to do so is a whole other story. But the point is, most people believe actions such as the 7 things identified in the article above will help them lose weight. Unfortunately, this may not be true if your body’s hormones aren’t functioning as they should.

Are you considering the effect of hormones on weight?

The science behind weight loss has improved exponentially over the last few years. In fact, medical researchers can see direct links between hormones in the human body and sleep, stress, and weight gain. We now know that sleep and stress affect your body’s ability to utilize the hormones necessary to maintain and decrease weight. Unfortunately, as we age, our body actually produces less of the hormones you need for this process to occur. In other words, if you are past age 40 your body has 50% fewer hormones than it once did and therefore is half as effective at losing weight as it once was.

For this reason, beginning as early as age 35 adults find they are working harder and seeing fewer results on the scale or in the mirror. Regardless of how much sleep you get, how much yoga you perform, or even how little you eat this summer your hormones might just need a boost. Considering the fact that men and women lose up to 7% of their hormones every year after age 40, there’s no reason to feel bad about asking for help in this area.

Your next steps to decrease size

If you’re still surprised by increased size after trying some of the suggestions in the article, or if you’re just ready for a solution to your weight, decreasing health, and age-related concerns, then hormone therapy might be the best course of action for you this summer. There are a couple of safe and easy ways to determine the right course of action before making a life-changing decision. First, click here to walk through a fast, easy, and FREE survey on the 25 Again website.

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