Experience a rejuvenating facial treatment that effortlessly clears away dead skin cells and peach fuzz, unveiling your skin's natural smoothness and luminosity.

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Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves gently scraping the surface of the skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (commonly referred to as "peach fuzz"). This exfoliation method is performed by trained professionals and can offer several benefits for the skin. 

  • Smooth Skin: By removing the topmost layer of dead skin cells, dermaplaning leaves the skin feeling exceptionally smooth.

  • Brighter Complexion: The removal of dead skin cells can immediately brighten the skin's appearance, giving a more radiant glow.

  • Enhanced Product Penetration: Without a layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz, skincare products can penetrate more deeply into the skin, making them more effective.

  • Makeup Application: Makeup goes on more smoothly and flawlessly post-dermaplaning, as there’s a smoother canvas to work with.

  • No Downtime: Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure with virtually no recovery time. Most individuals can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

  • Safe for Most Skin Types: Dermaplaning is generally safe for all skin types. However, those with extremely sensitive skin, active acne, or specific skin conditions might be advised to avoid the procedure or approach it with caution.

  • Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines: By promoting skin renewal and removing accumulated dead cells, the skin appears fresher with a reduction in the visibility of fine lines.

  • Immediate Results: Unlike some skincare treatments that take time to show results, the benefits of dermaplaning are visible immediately after the procedure.

  • Non-Irritating: Since it doesn't involve chemicals or abrasive materials, dermaplaning is typically less irritating than some other exfoliation methods.

  • Painless: When performed by a skilled professional, dermaplaning is a painless procedure.

  • Promotes Cell Turnover: Regular exfoliation, like dermaplaning, encourages the skin to renew itself more quickly, promoting healthier skin over time.

  • Minimizes Pore Appearance: With the removal of dead skin cells and debris, pores can appear smaller and less congested.


Recommended Treatments:

Monthly or bimonthly treatments for optimal skin results. 

While dermaplaning offers numerous benefits, it's essential to have the procedure performed by a trained 25 Again professional to ensure safety and effectiveness. Proper aftercare, including sun protection, is crucial since exfoliated skin can be more susceptible to sunburn. It's also a good idea to discuss with a skincare professional before undergoing dermaplaning to ensure it's suitable for your specific skin needs and concerns.

*Dermaplaning devices should be approved for use by the FDA.