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How do hormones affect my heart?

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February is deemed as American Heart Health Month and it is an absolutely critical time to consider the role hormones play in your overall health and longevity. No matter what you eat or how much you exercise, humans typically lose 50% of their testosterone by age 35. This can have severely damaging effects on your heart’s health.

Your heart is a muscle

We all know that testosterone affects muscle, right? But consider this, as your body loses testosterone, it also loses its ability to increase muscle mass. And your heart is the most important muscle in your body!

So even if you aren’t worried about the size of your biceps, the muscles that strengthen your heart can also benefit from testosterone. Among other issues, this can affect your exercise regimen, your stress levels, and your body’s ability to recover from illness quickly and efficiently. All of these factors can play a significant part in the health and strength of your cardiovascular system.

How 25 Again improves heart health

The 25 Again program is currently counteracting the dangerous effects of aging for thousands of adults. Our medical experts look at hormone health differently by analyzing the specific biomarkers for testosterone and other critical hormones that can affect your heart. Most importantly, we prove it to you by showing how levels change over time as our members start to feel closer to being 25 again!

Without your hormones, your body becomes really toxic. There’s so much inflammation in the system that you can’t help it. It just happens after age 40. We replenish hormones in adults and get them back to optimal levels. When this happens, it becomes easier for them to lose weight. Many patients come off of their blood pressure medicines. They eat better because they feel better. All of their risk factors start to go down. We replenish the balance in the system and that makes everything healthier. Most importantly, all of this helps lower the risk of heart disease.

Start caring about your heart’s health again

Were you one of the millions of people who set resolutions, or at least considered a plan to become healthier during the new year? American Heart Health Month is an absolutely critical time to think about the steps necessary to move forward with these goals. If you haven’t started significant action-steps toward a healthier, happier life, then what are you waiting for? When will you begin? Most importantly, who is going to help you achieve the things you want to accomplish?

Take the survey on now to learn more about how hormones are affecting your life. By this time next week, you could be sitting down with one of our medical experts to begin the path towards a healthier heart.