Eliminating Hot Flashes


Hot Flashes, Fatigue and Restorative Sleep

Anyone experiencing hot flashes or night sweats understands the physical and emotional toll. According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, women’s symptoms often last 7 years and as long as 11 years. Putting up with them till they go away impacts your health and emotional state as well as the lives of your partner. Discuss with your healthcare professional what options are safe and effective to address hot flashes and night sweats and other age-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

Many factors could influence the frequency and duration of hot flashes and night sweats including, smoking, excess weight, stress, anxiety and depression. The effects of untreated acute or chronic sleep deprivation as a result of interrupted sleep from hot flashes range from daytime sleepiness and poor mental focus to depression and higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Addressing these concerns properly requires investigating and, when appropriate, addressing all the potential factors.

Explore further your concerns about hot flases and night sweats with one of our assessments. With our FATIGUE, ENERGY, RESTORATIVE SLEEP & OPTIMIZATION ASSESSMENT, meet with a 25 Again medical provider and investigate your health goals, medical history, medications, body chemistry, lifestyle, exercise and eating habits to develop a plan of care designed specifically for you.

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Fatigue, Energy, Restorative Sleep & Optimization Assessment


Fatigue, Energy, Restorative Sleep & Optimization Assessment Includes:


Biomarkers have repeatedly shown us how to correctly predict relevant clinical outcomes across a variety of treatments and populations.

adv. lab results

Alongside biomarkers, your blood work will give us a more current story of how you live today, plus .

health history

Your health story is key to our Medical Professionals looking deep into your health. To kick off your 60 min initial meetup with them is to take our personalized survey

cursory physical

A physical gives us the general status of your health. This helps with any ongoing pain or symptoms or any other health concerns that you might have.

your plan of care

Every assessment has an end goal: you feeling good about life. And we'll provide you all the steps you need going forward in this renewed life.

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