5 Things 25 Again Members Need To Know

Top 5 Things Every 25 Again Member Must Know

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Members of 25 Again enjoy an incredible range of benefits as part of their programs. With so many advantages of joining, it can be challenging to remember all of the different options available. 25 Again is a membership-driven, medical organization and as such is accountable to its members to provide premier value and service. I think it is worthwhile to list the top things every member should know so that everyone understands the value and the expectations of the outstanding service we hope to provide.

Some of these top five points are a combination of suggestions we have learned the hard way, during years of experience. Each point is based on the positive feedback we have received from other 25 Again members. 

The Top Five ARE:

1. If ever you don’t see the value in membership, let us know ASAP.  

Simply put, if we don’t know how you feel, we can’t address your concerns.  This is a member-driven business; if you’re not happy and you don’t see our services as necessary then we haven’t done our job.  

Email or call your practice manager.  If that doesn’t work, email the CEO at Ted@25Again.com.  The “buck” stops with Ted.

2. Download the New Vitalis Pharmacy smartphone app!  

Avoid frustration with delayed medications and stay compliant by taking ALL your medications. Prescription compliance is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health. By using the New Vitalis app you won’t miss a refill or run out of the prescribed medications or supplements. The app will help keep you straight and is the most efficient way to refill and order medications.  

HINT: The app can be downloaded by searching “Fusion-Rx” in either the Apple Store or Andriod Markets. After downloading, customers can easily find the custom pharmacy by searching “New Vitalis”. Once the patient selects “New Vitalis”, the mobile app will permanently brand to us with our logo and pharmacy name.

3. Understand all the services and prescriptions we can fill.  

Don’t forget we want to be your single-source provider.  25 Again is advanced primary care and as such can fill all your prescriptive needs. Don’t waste time going to multiple doctors- 25 Again will write medications for everything from Erectile Dysfunction, to localized pain management, prescription-grade beauty medications, hypertension, and diabetes. 25 Again has you covered.  

Hint: No cost vitamin shots, medical weight loss & acoustic wave procedures are all benefits of members at 25 Again along with discounted Botox.

4. Have a good understanding of what and why you take 25 Again prescribed medications.  

More times than not your family and friends love to play doctor.  Even your old primary care or specialist doctor will question why you are on a certain regimen.  That’s fine. We love to help educate you and your trusted loved ones and professionals. If you don’t know why you are taking a medication OR you are concerned, let us know immediately.

5. Know your team’s email & phone numbers. Then, communicate as often as you desire.  

25 Again loves hearing from you!  You have been assigned a practice manager, medical assistant and a medical provider.  Get to know them (They are expected to know you). The team is there for you and 25 Again has budgeted their time to work with you.  If you don’t feel better, having other primary care or age-related issues or just need to talk, let us know immediately- we will get to you ASAP.

Thank you for being a member!

In summary, 25 Again has awesome employees empowered to create the fullest life possible for each member.  The experience at 25 Again should be life-changing and is essential to your health.

In Health,

Ted Ennenbach, CEO