Thyroid Health with Oliver Olson

Welcome to our video series on Thyroid Health, featuring insights from Oliver Olson, APRN and Leesa Ennenbach. Oliver is the lead health provider at 25 Again Fern Creek in Louisville, KY. Leesa is co-founder of 25 Again. Whether you're navigating thyroid disorders or simply seeking to optimize your thyroid function, you've come to the right place.

Wake Up Fully with Thyroid Therapy

Learn how a low thyroid level can lead to a lack of energy and more.

Thyroid Therapy: How You Feel

Oliver discusses how thyroid therapy helped him feel great again.

Thyroid Care: Keeping Up

Hear how thyroid care can help other health systems operate better.

Symptoms of Thyroid Failure

Thyroid failure can be hard to diagnose. Oliver discusses his own struggle with low thyroid levels.

Depression, Aging, and the Role of Hormones

Learn how optimized hormones can help with depression.