25 Again Referral Program

The 25 Again Referral Program

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One of the many benefits of being a member of 25 Again is that you get a chance to receive incredible savings on your program by sharing results with your friends! The new 25 Again Referral Program helps make it easy for our members to spread the news about their success and receive up to 10% off their program for EACH successful referral. It’s easier than ever to get involved and stay on track by following these steps. 

Benefits for referrals

To begin, if you are already a member we highly encourage you to visit this link talking about the 25 Again Referral Program. On this page, you will see details discussing how your referred friends and family will have the chance to receive their VIP Assessment absolutely FREE of charge. That means they will save $150 right away!

But there is also more good news. In addition to a free assessment, if your referred person commits to becoming a member, they will also receive 50% off their first 3 months! Just like you, your referral will experience world-class services as part of the 25 Again Elite Health Program. 

Benefits for current members

We know it will make you feel great to help friends and family become healthier as members of 25 Again. But that’s not enough! To say thanks for your help, we are also going to give you a 10% credit for every dollar your referrals spend on memberships at 25 Again. So that means, if you help 10 people sign up and take steps toward becoming healthier this year, you could literally get your entire 25 Again membership paid for without spending a dollar!

Give the gift of better health

If you’re a member, you’ve already taken steps to live a happier, healthier life this year. Now it’s time to give that gift to someone else you care about. The best way for you to start sharing is by simply telling your friends about your own life changes since beginning the program. Start gaining your referral points by talking to people during your workouts, at lunch, or while getting coffee. 

We’ve even made it easier than ever for you share and track your referrals. Simply click here and sign in using your program username and password. You can see your account and will even receive a special link that others can use to receive their discount offer. Try posting about it on social media with your own unique link to get an extra boost today!