Managing Stress and Hormones This Holiday Season

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The holiday season often brings joy along with its fair share of stress. While anticipating family visits, shopping, parties and packed schedules can seem exciting, the hustle and bustle can take a toll on your hormones. High stress levels can throw cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and other hormones out of balance.

How Stress Impacts Hormones

When you’re stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol can suppress testosterone, estrogen and growth hormones that regulate metabolism, reproduction, cognition and more. Imbalances in these hormones from high cortisol can show up as:

  • Weight gain, particularly in the belly
  • Low libido or sexual dysfunction
  • Disrupted sleep cycles and fatigue
  • Memory issues or cloudy thinking
  • Irritability, anxiety and mood changes

Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

To keep stress hormones in check this holiday season:

  1. Set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish. Don’t overbook yourself.
  2. Build in downtime for yourself – say no to optional events.
  3. Take time to meditate, practice yoga, or other relaxing activities.
  4. Manage financial pressures – make a budget and stick to it.
  5. Focus on positive experiences rather than doing everything perfectly.
  6. Last, but definitely not least, schedule a visit with us for help.

Keeping Hormones Balanced

If holiday stress has your hormones in a funk, consider:

  • Getting bloodwork done at 25 Again to identify specific hormone imbalances.
  • Taking supplements like vitamin D, zinc and magnesium to support hormone health.
  • Using bioidentical hormones or medication, if recommended by our doctors
  • Making sleep, diet and exercise a priority to help get hormones back on track.


By managing stress and supporting your hormone health this season, you’ll be able to truly relax, enjoy time with loved ones and appreciate the holidays. Don’t let stress steal the magic of the season away!