Myths About Hormone Replacement Therapy

3 Common Myths About Hormone Replacement Therapy

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There are a lot of rumors and myths about hormone replacement (HRT). At 25 Again, we understand it is sometimes difficult to find true information on this subject when you are starting to search for answers about solutions to your health concerns. Here are the facts about the most popular hormone replacement therapy myths.  

Myth No.1: Bio-identical hormones aren’t natural

The Facts: 

Any hormone therapy program monitored by medical experts should be utilizing bio-identical hormones when possible. These hormones match the exact structure of your hormones, molecule for molecule, which is what makes them the most natural form of hormones you can find. They are natural in that they are derived from a plant-based formula. The most commonly replicated hormones used in treatment include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Myth No. 2: My primary care physician assured me my levels are ‘normal’

The Facts:

When a physician tells you that your levels are “normal” they are not necessarily wrong. Your hormone levels are likely normal for the age bracket you are in. By the PCP’s standards, you might very well appear to be normal for your age, but that doesn’t mean you are healthy or feel good. It is a proven fact: As you grow older the hormone levels your body produces decline. So the normal your PCP refers to is likely not how you normally want to feel. Our unique, medically supervised program will change the way you age and view life. It gets you back to the normal, healthy levels you experienced years or even decades earlier.

Myth No. 3: Hormone deficiency should be detected in my annual physical. 

The Facts:

There are several ways of measuring proper hormone levels. The test we rely on is a blood test. These tests are typically more accurate and helpful in determining the appropriate dosage of HRT. The annual physical panel is focused on general health, whereas ours is an extensive hormone-based panel. So even though you might have had tests during your last physical, they likely weren’t looking for the same indicators of health that the experts at 25 Again utilize when helping people regain the levels they once enjoyed.

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