25 Again Member Success Story

25 Again Member Success Story: Andrew and Michelle

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Andrew and Michelle W. joined 25 Again’s Cincinnati location in February 2017. A family of six living a very busy, high stress and active lifestyle, they wanted to “live life to the fullest as a couple, family, and individuals.” As business owners and parents of children who are extremely active in sports, they realized they needed to prioritize their own health and wellbeing. That’s were 25 Again came in. Read their member success story below.

Why did you join 25 Again?
Andrew brought this up to me after seeing a commercial on the morning news. There were some issues of my decreased libido that were affecting both of us. I was a bit defensive so I told him that if I’m doing this, so is he!

What do you like most about being a 25 Again member?
We like everything! The staff is amazing and friendly. Our bloodwork is monitored often. As a nurse, I love that they are checking more than just routine labs so I feel like I can see all that is going on with my body.

What has been your biggest achievement while working with 25 Again?
I have always been active and started running some distance in my early 20’s. I’ve run many races over the years, but since becoming a 25 Again member, I have achieved personal records in all distance races: 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon. In the gym, Andrew is able to build and maintain muscle that he wouldn’t be able to do without the program in place at 25 Again.

25 Again Member Success Story: Andrew And Michelle Image0 2How have your results from 25 Again affected your everyday life?
Before I started, I would be in the school pick up line in the afternoon, and could literally put my head on the steering wheel and sleep. I was exhausted most of the day.

Since starting 25 Again, I sleep great, have energy all day long, I feel less irritable overall, and my recovery after any run is so much faster. My libido is great! Andrew spends 5 days a week in the gym lifting heavy weight.

Before joining 25 Again, he complained of his joints hurting and found himself needing to “rest” more days than lift. Since then, his joints no longer hurt and he feels like he has a ton of energy a majority of the time in the gym.

What do your friends and family say about you since joining 25 Again?
I think that we both get the same kind of comments from friends, family, kid’s friends, and new people we meet: “You two look great! I thought you were 35!” “You guys are the young parents!” Everything has been complimentary.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a 25 Again member?
If you are thinking about it, DO IT!! I was the skeptical one, and while it can seem a little expensive, invest in your best life! We feel amazing and hate to think of where we would be if we hadn’t joined 25 Again. Every plan in individualized, but if you go with a spouse it’s even better. Plus, if you decide to go, you would hate for your spouse to be left behind.

How do you like working with the 25 Again team?
We absolutely love the staff! Kasey is so friendly in person and on the phone. Erin is a wonderful person, professional, and highly educated and informed. I have felt more comfortable discussing health questions with Erin more often than my PCP.

Do you have anything else to add?25 Again Member Success Story: Andrew And Michelle Image2
We go to our doctors for any and all health concerns, but with 25 Again it has been a very different experience. Our doctors would only treat us if we were clinically deficient. But over the last 6 years, Erin and her team have helped us with energy, stress level, sleep, muscle gain, joint discomfort, and work out recovery. They have been so focused on us as people.  We’ve learned the importance of Vitamin D and so many other supplements.

Recently, during a meeting with Erin, she not only helped me address some belly fat concerns that come with aging, she went a step further and opened up the Kroger website and shared with me items they have that are foods I like. She has made it very easy for this carb nut to find low carb options that don’t leave me feeling deprived.

 Feel 25 Again, Even with a Busy Lifestyle

Thank you to Andrew and Michelle for sharing their story and experience with 25 Again. They are proof that even with a busy and demanding lifestyle, you can still make time to prioritize yourself and your health.

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