The 25 Again Weight Loss Roadmap

Your path towards a healthy and successful weight loss journey

Why the Weight Loss Roadmap is Different

Have you or someone you know successfully completed a weight loss program, and lost dozens of pounds, only to gain back some (or all) of those pounds right away? Or have you failed to lose the weight or even start a program because it seems too hard? You're not alone and it's not your fault!

The 25 Again Weight Loss Roadmap is different because it’s not a diet. Instead, this 12-week program is part of a lifestyle rejuvenation that takes you through five complete phases, each of which are key to a lifetime journey towards your optimal weight and more importantly, your optimal wellness.

Plan Overview

The Five Phases of the Weight Loss Roadmap. The Entire Program is 12 Weeks.


Setting A Course For Success

Find Your "WHY"
WHY are you doing the Weight Loss Roadmap? Keep your "WHY" close to you. It will carry you through on the days where the going gets tough and you want to give up.

What Are Your Specific Goals?
What are the five things you would most like to see within the next 12 weeks that would make you feel happy or confident with your progress? Make your goals specific and measurable.


Now Available to all 25 Again Members.Ask your provider about gaining access.


A Daily Wellness Email and Program Materials

Access all your program materials, recipes, exercises, tips, documents, and more along with a summary of your overall progress, any time you like.

Phases of the Weight Loss Roadmap


Phase I
Week 1:
Clean Out & Get Ready for Success


Phase II
Week 2 - 5:


Phase III
Week 6:


Phase IV
Week 7 - 10:
Transition and Exercise


Phase V
Weeks 11, 12 & Beyond:
Healthy Lifestyle for Life


Congratulations & Good Luck
Don't forget to talk to your 25 Again Healthcare Provider about next steps in your health journey!

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