Stress Reduction Supplement Package

Stress can be felt both mentally and physically. And we can experience the effects of stress simply be being busy and on the go all the time. Being active is great but not if it takes a toll on how we feel. Stress can disrupt healthy functions like digestion, hormone balance, affect our sleep, deplete nutrients, contribute to weight gain, and even contribute to inflammation. Supporting the body to better handle stress and prevent the effects of stress can help support prevention of negative effects.

Read all labels prior to taking any supplement recommendations.

Clinical Nutrients™ HP

Clinical Nutrients™ HP is a high potency, once-daily multivitamin specifically designed to provide comprehensive nutritional support for both men and women. Clinical Nutrients™ HP is a practitioner-developed, iron-free, broad spectrum formula. Comprised of carefully-selected micronutrients, antioxidants, and curcumin (in the form of Theracurmin®), it provides a robust foundation complementing a range of nutritional needs.

Pure Omega HP

Pure Omega HP provides a total of 1,136 omega-3s in one soft gel.

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Buffered Vitamin C

Buffered Vitamin C contains one gram supply of buffered vitamin C in every capsule. Buffered Vitamin C is an excellent source of antioxidant support.*

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