Fatigue Supplement Package

Many nutrients can support the prevention of the long days or projects that lead to the physical, mental, or both, drain that is experienced leaving one feeling fatigued. Helping one to support natural energy but also adapt better to those mental or physical drains is ideal.  Be sure you are sleeping good at night to feel refreshed all day long and consuming regular healthier meals as well.

Read all labels prior to taking any supplement recommendations.

Clinical Nutrients™ HP

Clinical Nutrients™ HP is a high potency, once-daily multivitamin specifically designed to provide comprehensive nutritional support for both men and women. Clinical Nutrients™ HP is a practitioner-developed, iron-free, broad spectrum formula. Comprised of carefully-selected micronutrients, antioxidants, and curcumin (in the form of Theracurmin®), it provides a robust foundation complementing a range of nutritional needs.

Buffered Vitamin C

Buffered Vitamin C contains one gram supply of buffered vitamin C in every capsule. Buffered Vitamin C is an excellent source of antioxidant support.*

Krebs Magnesium-Potassium Complex

Krebs Magnesium-Potassium Complex provide minerals to support healthy heart muscle function.*

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