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Accelerated prescription weight loss and diet suppression!

The 25 Again Program is the safe and fast route to a healthier you! Receive one-on-one attention from our doctors and staff, expert advice and step-by-step instructions to help you stay on track.

25 Again is there for you every step of the way with lifestyle education, fitness training, diet and medical expertise all in the same place. We’re here to help you live your best life!

First Visit: $89: Upon your first visit, you will meet with a Care Provider to discuss your best options based on your history, physical examination and goals. We’ll create a personalized medical and lifestyle plan just for you!

Follow-up Visits: $89: Follow up appointments will be scheduled every 4-6 weeks, depending on your needs. Your plan will be adjusted based on your progress and assessment. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals and keep them in check for years to come!

We work with you to implement your unique plan with our trained medical providers supporting you along the way. Weekly check-ins keep you on track and help us keep our promise to support your goals.

Achieving your goals is easier when you have a personalized, evidence-based program, and doctors that give you all the support you need. Let us help you look your best and feel decades younger!

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Physician Assited Program

$89/ Visit

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  • Labs/Physical and Medical Assessment
  • Nutrition Assessment/Counseling
  • Vitamin injections to increase energy, maximize goals and increase vitamin and mineral intake
  • Follow-up Appointments with Provider with Progress Reporting
  • Prescriptions** when appropriate
  • Progress summary to map out how to maintain your new body

**Medical provider will determine if prescriptions are approporiate for treatment


Weight Loss, Heart Health & Metabolism Assessment


Meeting your weight loss goals

With age comes a diminished capacity for cellular protein synthesis causing an increase in belly fat, loss of muscle mass and strength as well as a decrease in bone density. Age related disabilities often present as weakness, impaired mobility, balance and poor endurance.

Maybe you feel a drop in your energy levels and find your metabolism has taken a nosedive. No longer does just “eating better” work. The weight refuses to easily come off.

Many factors cause concerns related to weight and body image including, diet, lifestyle, exercise, maintenance medication side-effects, disease and changes in body chemistry as we age. Addressing these concerns properly requires investigating and, when appropriate, addressing all these potential factors.

Explore further the factors preventing you from reaching your weight loss and body image goals with one of our assessments. With our WEIGHT LOSS, HEART HEALTH & METABOLISM ASSESSMENT, meet with a 25 Again medical provider and investigate your health goals, medical history, medications, body chemistry, lifestyle, exercise and eating habits to develop a plan of care designed specifically for you.

Don’t Worry – 25 Again will take the mystery out of your health care.

Physician Assisted Plan: Critical Elements

Measurements and Accountability

Frequent physical measurements show us how your are progressing towards your weight goals. Additionally, it measures how the program is impacting other important factors like Blood Pressure.

adv. lab results

Alongside biomarkers, your blood work could indicate other factors preventing you from achieving your goals and negatively influencing your metabolism. Lab tests will show why your body sometimes fights against your desire to reach your goals.

health history

Your health story is key to our Medical Professionals looking deep into your  expectations and past experiences. Our comprehensive Medical History and Nutrition Assessment gives your provider insight into what your body needs to meet your health goals.


A physical gives us the general status of your health in combination with your lab results. Underlying medical conditions may be hindering your ability to reach your goals. Some medical conditions must be addressed in combination with a program to safely and effectively prepare your body for maintaining your success.

personalized plan

Every person is different and our program doesn’t try to fit everyone into the same plan. As the other four critical elements show, we investigate your overall health first, and then map out the safe, healthy and long lasting path to your goals. But we don’t just give you the map and point you to the door. Our providers take the journey with you, guiding and adjusting the plan along the way.

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